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Introduced as replacements to the Patt 818 and 765 followspots. They have many advanced features and considerable light output benefit. The housings appear similar in shape but the CSI has a power bulge at the rear to accommodate the high voltage starting gear for the discharge lamp, and obviously a separate control ballast.
Solo 2K has a variable beam from 9° to 15° compared with the 818 12° to 21°. Therefore, in making light output comparisons, it is very easy to have a much higher intensity on the new unit at 9° when compared with the larger spot of the 818.


2000W Lamp RSE79 or CP43, GY.16

9° 650,000 cd, ½ pk. angle 8°
15° 285,000 cd,½ pk. angle 13.5°
Flat field adjustment
Based upon RSE79

(Colour magazine is optional accessory, sights are included with the lantern)


1000W CSI or CID Lamp G22 220/240V 50Hz
9° 1,700,000 cd, pk. angle 6.5°
15° 1,020,000 cd, pk. angle 10.25°
Flat field adjustment
Based upon 1000W CSI

Ballast has a three position rotary switch enabling the lamp to be switched to standby (25% power), half-power and full.

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